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How to choose a good domain

Choosing the right domain name is extremely for establishing yourself online. It will be your website address and also part your email Your web address should be short, easy to remember and also convey the exact right message. To get started enter the name you want and click “Search”. If the domain name is available, you can register it instantly.

1- Keep It Short

You can register a domain name up to 63 characters long, but remember that people will not remember long domain names, and if they do they can make mistakes in typing the domain name or the email address with long domain name. So try to register short domain names. Now a days there are very less chances that you will get an short English name for a .COM domain. So if you are based in Pakistan, you can also go for a domain name. There are very good short names available for domain registrations in Pakistan. With PKNIC (the authority that registers domain names for Pakistan) you can even find 3 character domains.

2- Express Your Concern

There are many different extensions suffix (tld – top level domain) available that you can choose from. But keep in mind you should go for the one fits for the cause of your website. If you are making a website for an NGO hosting, you should go for .org domains. And if you want to make a website for information purpose you can go for . info extension. There are many different extensions available right now. For businesses, we recommend a .com suffix. It is the first suffix that almost all the internet surfers’ type. It is also the default suffix in all the internet browser software like Opera, Firefox, Mozilla and internet explorer from Microsoft. .com is also the oldest extension.

3- Avoid Trademarked Names

You should not register a trademark name, even it is available. And if a trademark domain name is still available there is a reason for it. The trademark owner can take back the domain from you, any time and with a very little effort. So you should not go for a domain with the brand name of a

4- Register Domain Name Now

Domain names are being registered very fast. A lot of investors are registering domains, and they will register any good domain name that they will not find. As of today domain names are much cheaper than before. You can get a name at an average for 2000 PKR. And if you talk about domain names Pakistan you will get the cheapest domain names, with control panel and everything.

5- Domain Names are Cheap, Register more than one Suffix

It is not a bad idea to register several domain extensions with the same name. If you have “”, also register “” so that no one else can register it future and try to play with your fame.

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